BASTA to Hold Press Conference Following Jury Verdict



BASTA (Bell Association to Stop the Abuse) leadership will hold a press conference outside of Bell City Hall immediately following the jury’s verdict for the six indicted councilmembers. BASTA representatives and Bell community members will also be present to give reaction and discuss the next steps in moving the city forward.

BASTA has long asserted that the abuses in Bell went far beyond excessive salaries. A guilty verdict would further validate the community’s aggressive efforts to seek justice. We hope the jury will render a guilty verdict for these individuals –who have bankrupted families and abused tax payers, the city of Bell, and the democratic process.

BASTA leadership cannot understate the sense of anger and betrayal that residents of Bell felt about the abuse that took place. The original DA’s indictment and current trial are a step in the right direction, and part of the healing process for residents. However, to residents in Bell, justice has not been met until convictions are issued to every councilmember and former administrator guilty of criminal action.


BASTA Leadership

Denise Rodarte, 23 Year Bell Resident & Media Spokeperson

Robert McKin, 72 Year Bell Resident

Margarita Limon, 40 Year Bell resident

Dale Walker, 25 Year Bell Resident

Trina Corado, 11 Year Bell Resident

Luz Moya, Lifelong Bell Resident

Fidencio Gallardo, 19 Year Bell Resident

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